the new Nexus 7 also released an update for its flagship tablet. And eventually was cast Chrome pulled out of a hat, a HDMI stick, the content of various devices is to simply put on the TV.
Stream of a button

The small, just five centimeters long gadget is plugged into the TV, powered by USB power and then works with Android, iOS, Chromebooks and the Chrome browser on Mac and Windows together – the only other requirement is a solid wireless connection.

For developers, there is a separate SDK. Media content is transmitted with a few clicks on the TV screen, music, pictures and videos to individual browser tabs.

VoD Helper

And that’s the last point has it, as Wired explains , in itself. Because in fact, this means that any web content, unless he just Microsoft Silverlight or Apple requires Quicktime, can be easily streamed into the living room. When playing one renounces its own interface, because it will continue from the respective source – controlled – smartphone, tablet or computer normally.

So that nothing is also the use of popular video-on-demand services in this way in the way. The purchase price of $ 35 a three-month subscription to Netflix is included, actually costs Chrome cast so just eleven dollars plus postage. Google itself confirmed that you can transfer to your TV via Chrome cast and HBO Go, Hulu and Rdio.

Fresh momentum

Once Google TV itself still could not prevail and the previous attempt failed in the form of the Nexus S, Chrome cast now accomplished something for little money, have been built in three digit price range devices for other manufacturers such as Roku. None of them has been so regardless of the input device and the platform used and cheap at the same time.

Many users are likely, given the price point can forgive minor flaws. It is also conceivable that TV manufacturers who use technology into future devices.

So Google has made a significant step to secure the supremacy in the living room. Although it has won this competition yet, but a place on the couch seems to be at least already reserved. (Red,, 25/07/2013)



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