Many users have Google as the default home page. Yet with all the tools available on the Web, it is possible to go much further than the white one home page with a search box! For my part, I opted for many years to Symbaloo. But now I come to discover another: Startific , a beautiful custom home page … Startific is a free online service that allows you to have a fully customizable to your taste homepage. You set options to have everything on a single page. You can find:

Icons leading to the links of your choice.
A mailbox with quick setup Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.
Widgets like weather, a calculator, Google Maps and others.
Connecting to your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …
Startific also offers a navigation bar at the footer that allows it to add a new page (or tab) to change the wallpaper to have a shortcut to a mailbox, or search for a keyword in your content.