Appetite Suppressant
It is very common to be hungry when you are in class. Some people have the tendency to eat when they are getting bored, others are constantly hungry. But there are some places where you can’t get food, and neither should you eat in such places by being a sneak, because if you are caught, it will be disastrous. For instance, a classroom, or an office conference. If you are too hungry to pay attention to what’s happening, you must grab a gum and it will suppress the hunger for as long as you are chewing it, as it mimics eating. Though, again, it is very important that you know the trick about chewing the gum without grabbing the attention of others – otherwise it will appear that you are disinterested in the lecture, or in the presentation which might be taking place in the office conference. So it is suggested that you don’t end up openly chewing the gum.

Manages your Calories
If you are trying to lose weight, you should definitely try having chewing gums. Since it acts as a temporary food to your hunger, you are less tempted to eat. So when food you are surrounded by food which has high calories, you should grab a chewing gum as it will suppress your hunger and make you avoid eating it. It will help you fight your craving for sweets and dishes. Chewing it also expend the extra energy in the body, and hence helps in weight loss.

Improves digestion
Chewing gums improves digestion; conditionally it is chewed after having the meal. The saliva which is produced while chewing gum, keeps the acid level in the stomach maintained, and as a result, digestion is better. Chewing gums after meal also protects the teeth from decaying, and it also makes the jaws in the mouth stronger.

Stress Reliever
Chewing gums can reduce the stress. It increases the alertness in a person and decreases the anxiety and hence, results in an overall better performance. In other words, chewing gum in any exam will increase your alertness and reduce the tension you are under, which will result in better scoring in it. It also focuses the mind, which adds to the result of your success. Often when you are irritated and frustrated, it can make you less irritated and can reduce the frustration, and i will make you less annoying for others.

Boost Mental Power
Chewing gums can boost or enhance the mental prowess of a person. It boost certain brain activities. When you chew a gum, you stimulate the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain which plays one of the major roles in the memory. Also, it enhances the flow of blood in the brain as heart rate is increased and more oxygen in pumped. It also increase the alertness, and so, if you are feeling drowsy and are on the verge of sleeping (especially in a lecture), have a chewing gum and it will keep you awake for a certain period of time. A better mental ability means that you have more chances of getting success, in addition to the fact that you will end up remember more birthdays of people and other things.

Freshen the Breath
Having a bad breath for some reason? Grab a chewing gum on your way to office, or a date (which might turn disastrous if you don’t), or otherwise people will stay away from you! Other oral problems, such as gum infection, can also be treated by chewing gums. Saliva is stimulated when you chew gum, and it is the major factor which keeps our mouth fresh and maintains oral health as it has antibacterial properties and it cleanse out the remnants of food particles. Also, sugarfree gums protects the enamel and lessens tooth cavities.