1- Sleep on your back: Gravity has a big and natural role in aging, even while you sleep. Sleeping on your back lifts your face, and has a reverse effect to the position you were in all day, that eventually causing skin sagging. If this position causes stress on your back, place a pillow under your knees which will take the pressure off your lower back preventing back pain.
2- Use a silk or a satin pillow: Pressing your face for long hours on a cotton pillow wears down the elastin in your skin causing it to age. Cotton pillows dry your skin off the natural oil and moisture causing it to dry. Another disadvantage of cotton pillows is the combination of bacteria and chemicals from washing detergents that can affect your skin causing irritation and redness.
3- Fluffy pillows: Using a fluffy adjustable pillow, like feather filled ones, causes less strain on the pressure points on your face, thus decreasing the formation of lines.
4- Crescent-shaped pillows: These pillows help hold your face even when you’re sleeping on your side.

Remember that the prevention of sleep wrinkles is easier than later correcting them after they appear. Make a habit of sleeping in the right position, moisturize, and you will guarantee a fresh face to start with the next morning!