Since very few people are aware of her personal style, help with professional advice to find the right setting for preferred and the individual’s appearance. In a style consultation the details to be worked out in the form of an interview.

What clothes to me is?

Fashion trends are interesting when you know in what clothes you has a particularly advantageous. Each body type has its own ideal sectional shape which emphasizes the areas of the body either perfect or as skillfully concealed. When Stilberatung body shape and proportions are determined, let it be those forms of dress deduce that fit best. Every detail is important, whether the cut of the sleeve, the area or the shape of the collar.

Often already wealthy small changes for a spirited performance. To the accessories everything is worked through, in order to give the individual personality a stylish and authentic.
Outfit for life
since a style consultation is a very personal thing, it focuses entirely on the situations and the resulting claims wardrobe. Who knew a great deal with children requires a completely different wardrobe than in business life.

Color consultation

For many, the world is light blue – but why did they put on this elegant, expensive sky-blue shift dress no more since the purchase? The situation is well known: a crowded closet and nothing to wear!

Very often the color of the garment results in that one is not to feel comfortable. And this completely. Rightly colors dissolve in everyone from very specific moods that affect the appearance. Hardly contributes to the “wrong” colors, even outside a false picture. Acts in the correct colors, however one feels intuitively comfortable, they emphasize the personality and give a positive aura.

Find the right colors

Each person has his own distinctive colors just let him look their best. The base is in our individual pigments that naturally can not be changed. These pigments are found in the hair, eyes and complexion. Because of this pigmentation there for everyone the optimum colors for clothing and accessories. They underline the personality, emphasize the face and hair, giving the feeling perfect harmony. And this optimism radiates from you also.