Unlike many claiming the human body requires in the dark season, no extra dose UV radiation from tanning beds to meet its needs for vitamin D intake. No man should be used to prevent a vitamin D deficiency to go to the solarium, emphasize the German Society of Dermatology (DDG), the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD) and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in a joint press release.
Dermatologists and radiation protector contact with this clarification also against public relations campaigns that invite Solari use against vitamin D deficiency. The promised benefits faces a real risk of serious long-term consequences: “The skin never forgets – dangerous as skin cancer can be seen until years later,” warns Rudolf Stadler of the DDG.

In the past 30 years the number of UV-induced skin cancer cases has tripled. “We can not accept that the number of new cases unabated through the ceiling goes,” said President Michael BVDD Reusch. “In the solarium, the UV radiation to be as strong as in summer for lunch on the equator. Fact that this is not healthy, everyone can imagine,” said Thomas Young, an expert in radiation protection BfS.

Higher risk

The vitamin D levels in your body naturally fluctuates with the seasons. By the end of winter drops of vitamin D levels because the body uses the stored vitamin D in the summer. Thus in winter enough vitamin D is available, it is usually sufficient in the summer months to go outside regularly and maintain a balanced diet.

Current studies indicate that increased use of tanning beds, the risk of developing cancer in black (malignant) skin cancer, by 20 percent compared to people who do not go to tanning beds. Those who already before the 35th Age have diabetes goes, has the study found even a 40 percent increased risk.