Since ancient times olive oil is used externally as well as foods to promote health and well-being. Even in beauty like the golden oil is used, and in many ways.

Effective anti-aging agent

Unlike seed and seed oils olive oil is obtained from a fruit. The olive is exposed throughout their lives to extreme weather conditions such as heat and developed effective protection mechanisms, which makes the man advantage. olive oil acts as an effective “anti-aging agent. While the fruit is grown, are formed in the flesh of the olive oil tiny droplets. A thin black skin surrounds each of these droplets and protects the oil from oxidation. Here lies the secret of the strong anti-oxidative effect of olive oil. A high proportion of tocopherol and polyphenol protects the cell membranes from attack by free radicals. Collagen and elastin fibers remain intact, the skin retains its elastic flexibility. Olive oil is found in many skin care products such as Florena. .

A culinary delight

High quality olive oil is very healthy, but also a culinary delight. Good olive oils unfold a wealth of scents for example bananas, apples, tomatoes, artichokes and give the food a fruity aroma.

Beautesse tip: olive oil exerts its beneficial effect in the quality grade “extra virgin / extra virgin”. It must therefore be error-free in the smell and taste and without any chemical and thermal treatment.