Whether Natural Look or Drama Queen: The lip gloss is an indispensable part of any look more. He gives the lips gloss shimmering magic and puts them in the limelight. We’ll show you how to get your lips in top form, so gloss and color luster perfectly tensioned.


Smooth polished lips are the best way to have to act the shimmering effect of a lip gloss perfect. Beautesse tip . away Regular lips peeling rough skin cells and provides a smooth skin surface , use this special lip scrubs eg Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate by La Prairie, Lip Exfoliator by Yves Saint Laurent and Jane Iredale. way with small circular movements on the purified lips Apply and remove the excess grains with the help of a cosmetic cloth. For a more intensive exfoliation leaves you the Lip Balm 2 – for 5 minutes. homemade lip scrub: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon sugar and damiteinreiben the lips gently. Act for 2-3 minutes and then wash off.

Fill and fixing

The lips have wrinkles, both on the skin and on the lip lip edge. Since color and gloss stick on smooth surfaces better and longer lasting, with a trick, the lip skin is smoothed. Step 1 : With a Lipfiller the lip wrinkles are filled, thereby paving the surface: eg Line Solution of Talika, Perfectionist Concentrate Lip Lines of Estee Lauder Step 2 : A Lipfix acts as a run-stopper and keeps color and shine right where they belong, for example, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift or Elizabeth Arden Lipfix.

Gloss & Glamour

Natural Look

Gloss alone without you wear lipstick? Then just after the Lipfix brush on only one layer lip gloss or apply with sponge. Tip : For longer shelf life twice apply the gloss over the other.

Colors shine

If the lips are to put a colorful accent, first the lipstick is applied and then set the gloss a dazzling highlight. ‘s how it is done: spread Something makeup or concealer on the lips, pull with matching lip liner to “frame” and those with the lipstick coloring. By the makeup of the lipstick lasts much longer. Then apply gloss over the lipstick. tip: the lips appear visually full when working with a skin-colored lip liner. To enhance the volume effect of the lips, you wear the gloss on only in the middle of the lips.