1. Broadcast videos on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platforms for sharing videos. For proof, here are some figures from a study of March 2012 more than 4 billion videos are viewed each day . More than 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month. YouTube mobile gets over 600 million page views per day! So convinced?

Moreover, I must confess to you: my blog about video tutorials would be nothing without YouTube!

2. Share on social networks

The content of your blog should not stay in an enclosed area. It must be free and be able to breathe. Social platforms are ideal places to distribute your articles. Register for free on sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. Follow people who deal with the same theme that you and send your content. The traffic will come automatically.

3. Write on other blogs that your

Do not be shy, go ahead. Submit content to bloggers that surround your community. In the middle, it’s called “guest blogging” or invited paper. I just boasted the merits of practicing Guest Blogging . In summary (and for the most lazy of you who do not read the article) , here are 5 things that you earn: traffic, links, subscribers, relationships and highlighting your brand .

4. Contests and giveaways!

“Anything that is free is in my price” . It is that, eh? Tell your readers that you also enjoy. Go fishing for gifts and organize big contest on your blog. Some gifts that are always fun software, high-tech products, WordPress themes, inserts in a sidebar of a blog, etc.. Be creative!

5. Daily blog

Google loves blogs that index update regularly. Those who do daily even have the right to a little sensual caress (these are the gossip Web ) from the famous search engine Mountain View! Write daily if your schedule allows you and let time do its path. You’ll see that a little age (at least one year) , you will begin to feel the impact of your efforts.