What advice for a good life would you give to your children along the way? A network initiative collects responses – one of which is “painting instead Mail”
Happiness is a very subjective thing – one man’s meat is another man’s poison known. Philosophers such as Schopenhauer and Epicurus understood by happiness nor the absence of suffering and want, things should still be complicated. At least in the “first world”, where the basic needs of most of the people are met. The question of what happiness is and what it needs for a good life is, through prosperity and saturation but not necessarily easier.
The right attitude

Already around 100 schools offer the so-called happiness lessons. The children are taught, among other body awareness, joy of movement, close to nature and the ability to conflict. Fortunately presupposes concentration, sense of belonging and the knowledge of self, says the German “lucky teacher” Katja Reuter of the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” . And misfortune to fight the best, by changing his attitude toward life.

A matter of perspective

Lucky to do so with more of attitude than with the external circumstances? It certainly makes a difference, the importance ascribed to the things that happen around you. This illustrates that pretty anecdote that Mark Twain noted in 1850: One hot summer day, he stayed in a hotel on the Mississippi, the windows did not open. He could not sleep and rolled over in bed, back and forth. Sometime after he angrily grabbed his shoe and threw it at the window. It shattered, a cool breeze blew through the room and fell asleep Twain satisfied. The next day he saw that he had to smash the mirror.

Fuck Happiness!

That the constant pursuit of happiness can even make you unhappy, believes the Austrian communications scholar Sonia Laszlo. It has the end of 2012 produced a book with the title “Fuck Happiness” and it speaks of a “tyranny of happiness.” The show itself in the fact that the pursuit of happiness was mutated to single life sense of being exploited by the industry strong: as of guidebooks, spa vacations and expensive coaching fill lucky account. Behind such offers stand the image of the man who is solely responsible for his happiness. Those who do not have happiness on their own riff, not just hard enough.

Private matter happiness?

Fortunate to hear the latest then, to be a private matter, if the offspring enters the picture. What concept of the good life we as parents also have – the kids are sure to get wind of it. Do parents and guardians as an example and look at the big ones on your fingers when turning the screws of life.

When asked what advice parents would give their children a good life along the way, is a German blog project , which the journalist Dirk von Gehlen initiated after the birth of his son in 2008. Under the slogan “Tell me the good life” Parents are encouraged to share their visit with others – directly on the blog or via Facebook .

Paint instead of mailing

“For young parents mountains of literature – from instructions on infant massage to eco-cookbook,” it says on the page. “But how can they help your child to be a happy person is, in any of these counselors.”

The happiness formula, cavorting on the page range from relevant calendar sayings like “Less email – more Beers” on examples of solid flavors (“waffles with hot cherries and cream!”) To creative behavior tip of brand paint “on the road ! ” Based on the blog last year, also a narrow band appeared. The gentle title: “Stepping softly to happiness”.