“Here’s looking at his hands, kid!” Almost 90% of people look at the first contact on the hands of her interlocutor. Hands and nails are part of the personal business card, they are an expression of personality, emphasize our words and support our body language. Already Cleopatra knew the trick: she painted her fingernails with henna – and charmed so confident not only Julius Caesar! Europe discovered the ladies kept the erotic hands until the 18th Century, when so-called “manicurists” visited the noble households. Today has long manicure for daily care, because the hands are the most personal business card.

With a few steps to manicured fingernails

Dirt under the fingernails to Clean gently with a wooden stick to the delicate skin under the nail to avoid injury. For stubborn dirt, use one nail brush and soap or you bathe your hands in warm water with lemon.



Citric acid dissolves heavy dirt and stains. Juice of half a lemon to give in 200 ml of lukewarm water, immerse nails and act for 10 minutes. always remove nail polish from the nail bed to nail tip so no paint residue come under the cuticle.

Nails cut

Nails do not cut with scissors, as they splinter easily and can break off. If you have to cut at all, then only possible with a nail clipper or a special nail clippers.

Appropriate filing

Files with corrugated metal surface should be avoided, as splinter from energetic processing of nail. Tip: narrow width nails give if they are filed to a pointed oval.

Brittle nails

For brittle, splitting nails should use a sand plate file, as this allows a gentler files. Important: Sand plate files typically last for a maximum of 2 manicures, then you should use a new file.


Protruding cuticles can be removed carefully with a cuticle scissors or cuticle nippers. Very hard cuticle preventively 1 – to 2-Sprinkle times a week with some cuticle oil and gently massage it so that it is soft again.

Cuticle treatment

The cuticle nail and nail bed from dirt and bacteria. If it hardens, then soak a little cuticle remover on the affected sites. Then the cuticles with a suitable rod push back gently, as a tearing of the cuticles can cause painful infections.

Polishing instead painting

With special polishing files can bring the nails to shine, so they almost look painted and get a silky shine. polishing is much gentler on your nails as painting, making it ideal for sensitive nails.