Using other devices planned
Passengers call them “naked scanners” because they show the body’s contours unpleasant detail. Now to the controversial X-ray machines are disappearing from the U.S. airports.

Body outlines in detail

Passengers at U.S. airports will no longer be checked with body scanners that show the body’s contours in detail. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided that the more than 170 units are to disappear at 30 U.S. Airports until late May. How the TSA announced on Friday on its website, the manufacturer should develop by the end of June, a software that allows less revealing images of passengers at the security barriers. This time, the company could not meet but. Therefore, the Authority has resolved its contract with the company.

The X-ray scanners should make it easier to detect hidden weapons and other prohibited items – such as flammable substances. They show the body’s contours but so accurate that their formation in 2010 led to widespread protests: Passengers felt the eyes of the security staff “pulled out”.

New Software

Part of the scanner had been supplied by a second company, the umr├╝stete their devices but with new software. These show a less detailed image contours and should, according to the TSA now largely replace the “naked scanners”. The Authority expects claims to them in a speedier processing of security checks, that is, less long queues at the roadblocks.


Washington Post