When will Sony and Microsoft’s new console? If the Wii U is a flop?
The new year promises manifold Highlights for video gamers. Time to look ahead and to confront the myriad previous rumors and industry reports with reality. According to the motto, “what high-paid analysts, we can gamer a long time”, I cordially invite you to join me to look into the crystal ball.
Below I have compiled some 30 forecasts, based on my research in the past 12 months and were of course completed with a little gut feeling. Predictions can not ultimately make me 100 percent certainty. And added, one or the other is a bold prediction shot in the dark:

New console generation

The new PlayStation and the new Xbox will be announced.
Sony and Microsoft’s new console will not be PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 called.
Microsoft and Sony will introduce two models of the new consoles. A cheap version for beginners, an expensive enthusiast.
The most expensive and the most expensive PlayStation Xbox will cost no more than $ 399. (Even though it is perhaps not confirmed until 2014 …)
Sony is the new PlayStation’s cloud gaming service imagine and thus provide older games on the new console.
Microsoft is fully set with the new Xbox to Xbox Live services, but present no 2013 Games streaming service.
Sony and Microsoft will unveil new controller.
The graphical output of the new PlayStation and new Xbox will be a lot higher than those of the U Wii .
Online gaming will be free to both the new Playstation and the new Xbox.
The new Xbox will 2013, the new PlayStation until 2014.

Sony Announces ” The Last Guardian “,” Gran Turismo 6 “,” Killzone 4 “and” agent “for the new PlayStation.
Microsoft announced a new “Forza Motorsport”, “Rise” and a new “Halo” for the new Xbox.
Nintendo introduces “Mario Kart”, “Star Fox” and “Nintendo Country 2″ for the Wii U.
“Assassin’s Creed 4″ comes at Christmas with a new story and a new venue.
“Call of Duty 4″ will sell less than ” Black Ops 2 “.
“FIFA 14″ will sell less than “FIFA 13″.
At the end of “Red Dead Redemption 2″ will be unveiled.
” Metal Gear Solid 5 “,” watchdog “and” Star Wars 1313 “will not appear 2013th
” Grand Theft Auto 5 “will sell better than the previous best-selling” Call of Duty “game.
The sequel to ” Batman: Arkham City “is announced.

The PS Vita will experience despite cloud gaming support 2013 no significant upturn.
The Ouya seen commercially not very successful.
Virtual Reality is 2013 for the masses despite promising developments as ” Oculus Rift “a dream.
The Wii U will sell less in the first 12 months, as the Wii . in their first year
Valve is a PC Steam ago in response to consoles. The big commercial success but for the time being remains.
Linux is also 2013, despite Valve’s support no relevant gaming platform.
Windows 7 2013 will be the main system for PC gamers.
THQ is not recorded in 2013 net profit.
Windows Phone is not its market position in mobile gaming can improve.
Numerous for 2013 announced and funded through Kickstarter games will appear at all or moved to 2014.