Thought controlled PC hardware with Steam Software as competition for Sony and Microsoft.
Valve expects the first sitting-room “Steam consoles” Already in 2013, company founder Gabe Newell said in an interview with Kotaku . The software will be using the gaming platform Steam, and the television-friendly interface ” big picture come up. ” Newell’s information to the console will indeed be based on standard PC hardware, but a “strong more controlled system” be. Anyone who wanted a more open system could, of course, rely on a PC other manufacturers.

Console competition

“The nice thing about PC is that a lot of people can try different solutions and consumers find what they like best is.” Says Newell. “Our hardware will definitely be a highly controlled platform. If you need more flexibility, you can still buy a conventional PC.”

Valve’s Steam console considered as a direct competition for the next generation game consoles by Microsoft and Sony . “I think most consumers and developers will find that the PC is a better platform for them.”


Another milestone for the coming year was the completion of the testing phase of the Linux version of Steam, as well as the release of Steam for Linux Big Picture. If Linux is once established as a gaming platform, it would be even easier to design their own hardware.

Valve is also working on games page to a modern programming software for both PC as well as for the new PlayStation and Xbox was used. “Hopefully this will allow us to new ways to play.                                                     link