The operating system from Redmond to receive future annual editions
Although Windows 8 is not started until a few weeks ago, one works at Microsoft already hard on the release of the next edition. The reported TheVerge citing sources, have the insight into the plans of the Group.         New Year, New Windows

Mid-2013 is an upgrade, the first under the code name “Windows Blue”, lead to some changes to the platform -. Including modifications to the user interface – and subsequently initiate the launch of a new update cycle Windows will in future be applied every year in order to competitive with Apple and Google will.

Incentives for Customers

The plan: to tread the path that about Apple’s MacOS operating system is a long time. The next edition of Windows would be either very cheap or even free to move as many users to upgrade. An upgrade will be possible only on the basis of a legal install a previous version. Otherwise, the Windows Store will refuse to upgrade its service.

New rules for developers

In the same course will be followed by an update of the Windows SDK. These are apps that are written specifically for the current Windows 8, the store no longer admitted to the developers move to the support of “Windows Blue”. This will, however, be backward compatible and support existing programs for the new surface.

No comment from Redmond

The name “Windows 8″ should be retained for conversion to annual updates for the time being. Microsoft denied, as The Verge writes that currently any comment on the plans bandied.